My name is Monica and I have spent many years of my life as an accountant. Although I was lucky enough to work for reputable corporations in my career where I was given many opportunities I was not happy, I wanted to do something that will allow me to make a difference in someones's life one way or another at a more personal level, I did not know then what that was but I knew I had to find it.

My life pivoted dramatically back in 2013 after completing a 60 day home workout and travelled all the way to Miami to train live with the super trainer and creator of the same home workout. Not long after I certified in various group exercise formats and continue to challenge myself with other home workouts. I since then become a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainerI love group training, I love teaching and connecting with people, seeing my clients and club members having fun and enjoying the ride and fitness journey with me gives me the satisfaction and feeling of accomplisment and fulfilment every day.

As of 21st October 2017 I am officially partnering up with one of the best fitness companies in the USA and CANADA, steadily growing and expanding further afield to bring you not just the best live classes but also online fitness and many other products.

Why am I joining Beachbody?

It is a very simple answer.

Because I trust their products and culture having tried them myself since 2013.  Beachbody gave me a new body, new friends, a new career but most importantly in my case, it allowed me to fulfil my ultimate goal of touching peoples lives and making a difference by inspiring me to become a fitness profesional, giving me the tools and support then available, I discovered a real passion for fitness, a career I am the most proud of and love.

Becoming partners with Beachbody will let me pay it forward and reach people not just with my live classes in my local community but further afield, by offering you their online fitness platform I am able to reach you wherever you are, virtual coaching with Beachbody on Demand and all other products are available in the UK, USA and CANADA and it fills me with joy and excitment to think of the many lives I will touch and hopefully change because of the support and accountability I will give give you together with the products and tools this great company brings.

Whatever the mind can conceive and
believe, the mind can achieve

"Fit looks different on everyone"

Do I think outer beauty is more important than inner beauty? No, I don't. However I do think they are both as important. I honestly believe that when we are happy with our bodies and the way we look and feel, our mindset changes and in my experience, many if not all decisions we make will be influenced by the mind one way or another.

A healthy body and mind results in a beautiful, confident person; my approach is to utilise my skills as a fitness coach to help you look at your body as you would look upon a precious work of art, an expensive car or a beautiful flower; with appreciation, joy and care. Why? "Because we are all perfect and valuable unique creations, just like that piece of art, car or flower" Fit looks different on everyone, we just need the right attitude and determination to find it.

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I would like to inspire you to fulfil your goals, to make your vision a reality, to improve your life through regular exercises, simple nutrition and a fabulous network of liked minded people in my online coaching team. I am already excited to make your acquaintance, be brave and start your journey with me here.

See you soon

Monica S Reyes