let me make it clear to you...

You will not achieve the body or fitness level that you desire by cutting corners, that is fact! Do you know what else is also fact? achieving your fitness goals isn't rocket science and for the love of god pay attention so that you choose wisely

1- To lose weight you MUST be on a daily calorie deficit which is calculated with body measurements and your daily activity levels.

2- Your relationship with foods needs to exist and progress slowly, 80% of your results will depend on your nutrition. Stop with the juices/shakes only weight loss programs and also, how come any diet that requires you to cut a whole food group be any good? In my opinion and I am sure in many other's opinion it is insane! quick fix for sure as you will lose weight but IT IS NOT HEALTHY NOR SUSTAINABLE!!!!

3- Just move please, yes that is right, you dont have to do much in the way of exercise but sitting on the couch is not acceptable either. A simple walk every day is a small step but I can guarantee you that soon enough you will not be just walking, the compound effect will happen.

4-Finally, find a friend, family member or a fitness accountability group to help you achieve your goals. It makes it more fun and trust me you will learn to love it.