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Back in July 2017 I was selected to be part of the official coach test group of a new fitness program that was launching in January 2018 and that thousands of people will be able to do from the comfort of their own home.  For someone like myself who had been struggling to fight back sadness in her heart after 3 consecutive miscarriages I felt very, very vulnerable and weak and right after the excitement of receiving the news, negative thoughts, fear of failure came creeping back and I was just so afraid of committing to something I did not feel I was ready for.

As I approach my mirror I asked myself; why can't you just do this? isn't this what you love? exercising, looking and feeling great, help, support and inspire people to do things they have never done before? The truth is, I was broken inside, I had not healed and I felt like I had to live every day to survive rather than to live! Noel and I had wanted a family for a while and we could not have one, I, for some reason am not able to carry my pregnancies through, so far keeping healthy had not helped, hormonal treatment had not helped. Since Feb 2016 my body, my mind had gone through so much and started to show, my weight started to go up, I lost muscle mass and instead I was generously cushioning my body with fat, the worst thing was that no matter what I did nothing could change me. I was working out every day and "tried" to eat healthy but nothing work. 

If you have taken a peek to my "about" page you would have read how working out from home and a network of supportive people practically change the course of my life, well here I was again, feeling worst that I felt back in 2013 and I had an opportunity to regain my focus and I wasn't going to take it? I sat at the edge of my bed and said: You either stay like this and risk losing all of you and your love ones or you take the opportunity given, fight your way back, find a structure and win not just a healthy body and mind but the hope that life does sort things out by itself and hope is everything. And so I did, I made the choice to live and I was going to embrace the opportunity!

My mission is to inspire others to have a vision, igniting their souls with passion, self-belief and self-value so that they live and lead with conviction not letting fears from the past prevent them from building a future
— monica s reyes
 All I needed....

All I needed....

What do you need to know about the program?

* It is an 80 day program, 6 days of exercises a week and you need a good enough basic level of fitness 

*There is a nutritional strategy called "timed nutrition" which will drive you crazy for the first two weeks but you will learn to love it as you start seeing the results it gives you

*The program was created by Autumn Calebresse, also the creator of 21 day fix and 21 day fix extreme

*Workouts are different every day, specifically to work on flattening your belly and build your butt while toning your entire body

*Equipment needed: You need 3 tensions of “resistance loops” and two “sliders” (which are kind of like plastic plates or frisbees.) And you’ll want a light, medium, and heavy set of dumbbells. You can buy all that just about anywhere online (Beachbody will sell loops and sliders when the program officially launches Dec 20th!)

 Yeah my last bikini picture Feb 2016 pregnancy began -   July 2017 before picture :-(

Yeah my last bikini picture Feb 2016 pregnancy began -   July 2017 before picture :-(

Phase 1

We started on July 31st and I was super nervous because we had been told it was an advance program and certain level of fitness was required, and although I was not a beginner I was not in the best shape of my life so I had certain level of concern. This is why I recommend to start a program before launch in preparation for this challenge. If you are a complete beginner I would start this way: Clean Week, 21 day fix, 21 day fix extreme. These programs will take you all the way to January and make you ready for it.

Phase 1 really went quickly but it was not easy. In fact the first two weeks in that first month I found the hardest because everything was new to us and learning about the workouts, the exercises, using the loops, what works what doesn't and time nutrition to say the least.. it was overwhelming. By week 3 I was loving the workouts, I had managed to learn to use the loops efficiently and wasn't getting frustrated anymore, I loved the strength slides and the fact that each workout was different.

After all of this, at the end of month 1 I was a tiny bit disappointed at first, yes you are reading right! I had lost only 1.5 inches mainly on my mid area but I had not lost any weight. I mean, I knew that scales did not mean much when I was seeing how my clothes were fitting and also the fat that I was building muscle. I forgot about the scales and looked at my arms and legs and starting seeing definition. Oh, and my energy and strength was improving so much. It was easy to doubt yourself of the results because of course everyone in the group was sharing their progress and some had amazing results on the scales, however other like myself were seeing little or nothing on scales but body composition was improving for sure.

Timed Nutrition

At first I was thinking oh my god, I will never get this done, I do different things at different times each day!! it was a nightmare when I was thinking about it before July 31, however it is really not a big deal, the good thing is that I have gone through it so I can certainly help you, for instance, I set timers on my phone so that I did not forget a meal and also to wake up at the time needed to have my first pre workout meal and supplement. I had to be up at 5.30 to eat so that I can exercise before going to work. This is why being organised and prepping food was so important.

We had to worked out what food plan or bracket we would be on, but don't worry, you will be provided guidelines to do this and according to your daily calorie intake you will be in anything from bracket A to F. I started in plan A by the way from which I switch to B by the end of week 2 because I started to feel a little hungrier and I was anyway meant to be in Plan B but because it was only 10 calories difference from bracket A but the team nutritionist and Autumn advised me to definitely go to B and I am glad I did because it made a huge difference. So, sometimes we think that eating less going into a lower calorie bracket will be more beneficial but it is absolutely not true, our body needs food and the right amounts in order to function and recover from exercise routines like these ones. 

The most important thing to remember is that timed nutrition doesn't have to be stressful or difficult, it isn’t rocket science, you eat the right foods, at the right time, and in the given portions according to your meal bracket, nothing less, nothing more. That is it!

 July 31st when the challenge began, a month later and slowly I was getting back in control

July 31st when the challenge began, a month later and slowly I was getting back in control

Phase 2

Oh boy, yeah this meant different formats with much tougher workouts, but also different attitute and much stronger than phase 1. I personally loved this month the most, it's where I saw most of the changes happening and I felt the happiest because I had found a routine, found the love and motivation I had missed for months and I slowly started to see that it wasnt just about the outside change but finally started working on the inside. You see, since February 2016, Noel and I had started trying for a baby and sadly since then I went through 3 consecutive miscarriages which naturally affected me in many ways, something that I could not control and I could not fix it was really eating me inside, although I had tried to "get over it" I don't think I had healed properly and that was causing me to feel and look the way I did in the last months since then. Going through hormonal treatments I believe made things worst, the added worry when Noel went to hospital for a few weeks going through a really bad flare up from ulcerative colitis and the stress of having builders at home who were doing what they want did not help at all.  My weight was up and down, more up than anything and I couldnt get out of that cycle but most worrying,emotionally I was broken.

So for me, month 2 is when I really look inside myself with the help of this program, I was going through a very different challenge which I loved, sticking to a program and seeing my body and mind change filled me with joy!

We still needed the same equipment, dumbells, loops and slides however we started using heavier weight when possible. I was still on plan B but we had a little tweek every second week for one day and I had a hamburger, yes I had bread. What was I suppose to say to that if I was told it was part of the process? I enjoyed it and did not regret it.

At the end of phase 2 I had lost 2kg and 5 inches. I was happy with that

 31 July - 31Aug - 30 September by this time I had recover some muscle mass and started toning up upper body and legs, my tummy was flattening up too.

31 July - 31Aug - 30 September by this time I had recover some muscle mass and started toning up upper body and legs, my tummy was flattening up too.

Phase 3

The final month and I was feeling it! I have paid little attention to self care and since I reduced the stretches I started to feel a bit of lower back discomfort, and since I started lifting a bit heavier from second half of phase two I think my body needed that extra care. Luckily I realise the problem and although I had to rest for 5 days which meant I missed out in 5 workouts I still kept on going with my nutrition and did my stretches. 

This break meant I was feeling much better and went back to the workouts which were a little more intense, the number or reps had change, the number of set had also changed. Weights were heavier and bands were doubled up as well.  It was a challenge and for me, I had to catch up on those 5 workouts yes! And I did, I spread them over the last two weeks and it was tough but I felt so great. I wanted to finish with everyone else, I wanted to be happy with them and celebrate with everyone else too, and I DID!  Autumn introduced a Peek week whereby we would have deplete days meaning no carbs on those days but I decided against this option because I was doubling in up toward the end and my body needed those carbs. The plan was optional anyway and I still got great results.


So there it is, my first goal achieved, I have a structure again in life, my routine back, my muscles are definitely coming back and I am waiving away body fat. Oh and have I said I feel amazing!

Now, what happens NEXT ?

80 day Obsession is going to be released on Beachbody on demand in December 2017 and I will be doing it again, starting a Let's get Obsessed challenge group January 2018 with only 5 ladies who are willing to commit to a program that will change their bodies and mindset completely.

I dare everyone of you who thinks that nothing can help you from whatever it is your life is at the moment or taking you. The truth is you decide which way you want to go now, just like I was given the opportunity to change back in July, I am now presenting you with one, it is call Let's get Obsessed. I will be doing my second round with you guys, you will have me there 110% and nothing will stop us. Let me tell you about it in more detail, remember I was already in the test group, out of the UK coaches I was one of only 5 to be selected. I have all the details and the knowledge to help you succeed. 

Please fill out this form if you are interested in participating in my January test group and it is open to everyone who is not a Beachbody coach or is working with one already.

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