80 days Obsession My journey

So, 87 days ago I was invited to participate in an official coach test group for a new Beachbody program to be released in January 2018. I had no idea what it was, how long for, what it entailed nor who the trainer was going to be, however I knew that an invitation like this doesnt happen to every coach and I was one of the only 5 picked in the UK. My answer was absolutely YES!

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Monica Sotelo Reyes
Clean Week Challenge

Build your foundation to a healthy lifestyle with this new program. 

This is a 7-day program aim to introduce you to the basics of clean eating and working out. What is more, you will have the opportunity to sample Shakeology for a whole week together with 4 brand new workouts, portion control eating plan and be part of my support and accountability group.

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