Hi there,

I am Monica, a loving daughter, sister, aunt, hopefully a mum one day, loyal friend, an accountant and Fitness and Beauty entrepreneur with a passion for life, beauty and healthy living. Waking up every day to do the things I am passionate about is one of the most gratifying feelings ever, it sets me free and it leads me into feeling more confident each day.

Ever since I was a little girl, I watched mum exercise at home, I watched her applying facial masks made out of avocado and aloe vera way before these ingredients were out there in every single branded beauty product. She would sleep with gloves and socks on but not before massaging her hands and feet with moisturisers. I guess this is where it all started.


Do I think outter beauty is more important than inner beauty? No, I don't. I think they are both as important. I honestly believe that when we are happy with our bodies and the way we look and feel, our mindset changes and in my experience, many if not all decisions we make will be influenced one way another by this.

A healthy body and mind results in a beautiful, confident person; my approach is to utilise my skills as a fitness coach and beautician to help you look at your body as you would look upon a precious work of art, an expensive car or a beautiful flower; with appreciation, joy and care. Why? "Because we are all perfect and valuable unique creations, just like that piece of art, car or flower" Fit looks different on everyone, we just need the right attitute and determination to find it.

I would like to inspire you to fulfil your goals, to make that vision a reality, to improve your life through regular exercises, simple nutrition and efficient non surgical beauty treatments.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and techniques on how to maintain an ever glowing looking body and a positive mindset each day.